(Table) Jewelry for the Giant Panda

Name: Susan Cohn Rockefeller
Age: 60
Hometown: New York City. She now lives in an apartment on the Upper East Side with her husband, David Rockefeller Jr., the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil.

Background: Ms. Rockefeller is a photographer and a documentary maker, focusing on sustainability and social causes. Her original films include the 2012 "Mission of Mermaids," which she described as an "ode to her love of the ocean" and the 2015 "Food for Thought," about the importance of soil to agriculture. "I have spent many years as a photographer so I came into documentary filmmaking from photography and writing," she said. "There is an infinite amount of ways to make a documentary as you are distilling the essence of storytelling, to the most important aspects to the story which you think will have impact."

Design with a conscience: During the making of "Mermaids," Ms. Rockefeller began dabbling in jewelry design. "I created two collections for the International Pearl Company," she said. "I also did one collection on my own, and it was a great platform to talk about inspired messages because the collections were around the ocean."

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Current project: Her latest venture is a collaboration with Atelier Swarovski called the Beautiful Earth Collection; part of the proceeds will go to The Nature Conservancy’s work to protect giant pandas in China. The motifs of the 15-piece collection, which has stud earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cocktail rings and stacking rings (her favorites), are based on the panda and the bamboo that it eats.

She initially sketched her ideas and then Swarovski created them, using baguette-cut and pear-shaped crystals in shades of blue and green, as well as its Pointiage hand-setting technique. "It was like being a kid in the candy store, and I was able to pull out drawers of crystal in every imaginable color," Ms. Rockefeller said. "I ended up honing in on the colors I really love — which are the greens and the blues. The blues represent the ocean and the sky, and the greens are the terrestrial landscapes, from spring to summer."

Styling flexibility: Ms. Rockefeller stressed that the collection can be worn myriad ways. "For earrings, you can just wear one stud on a side and wear a panda motif shoulder duster on the other," she said.

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Behind it all: "Jewelry has a way and power to actually create conversation among women," Ms. Rockefeller said. "So it’s like ‘Oh, I love what you are wearing — tell me more about it.’ It’s a way of sparking conversation."

Her treasured possession: "I love being a mother. I have two children and two stepchildren, and being on this journey of love with my husband, the blended family is a blessing," she said. "But also my health and my ability to have the energy to do what I love doing in the world, so I wouldn’t say it’s a possession but more like an intangible nature of having a healthy mind and a healthy body."
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